• Dreambird Pinot Noir 2010

    Dreambird Pinot Noir 2010

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    Wine & Spirits Magazine:  Rated as Highly recommended. "This hits all the right notes lightly and cleanly, ranging from cherries to spice and earth - an amazing feat at this price." Jun 2012

    Winery: "Gorgeous flavors, almost syrupy in its concentration. Dark, rich and potent, with layers of complex black cherry, raspberry and cinnamon. Deep, with pretty fruitcake and spicy aromatics." 

    Under the Expert Tutelage of winemaker Hartley Smithers (Casela Winery, makers of Yellow Tail) and Spain's Nora Iriate, Dreambird and Dreamfish are top-quality wines at extraordinarily low prices. Smithers and Iriate are veterans of over 50 harvests spanning many of the worlds wine producing regions; this Dreambird Pinot Noir reflects that expertise and experience.

    Wired For Wine:  Come out of the twilight, winelovers, and sink your teeth into this bang-for-your-buck-like-you-read-about Dreambird Pinot Noir!! Yup; it's from Transylvania, and it seems they can do other things there besides spin legends which stand the test of time and turn out world class gymnasts... Open your first bottle and savor it with bite-sized salmon cakes and a balsamic drizzle. "Gorgeous flavors" indeed. The clean and concentrated black cherry notes, spicy aromatics, and earthiness of this Dreambird are made to pair with salmon, roast duck, lamb, mushrooms, tuna and even Sicilian style Pasta dishes like 'alla norma‘ with eggplant. The dark fruit is perfect alongside roast duck breasts with pomegranate-chile sauce. For the earthy side of this "amazing" Romanian red, we suggest herbed lamb chops with Pinot Noir sauce. On the lighter side, but no less delicious with this wine is a grilled pork tenderloin with fresh fig skewers.  Refill those glasses generously and bring out a creamy French Saint Andre cheese with a crusty baguette. Forget about pinch me; bite me, I'm dreaming!!

    Size:  750ml
    Varietal:  100% Pinot Noir
    Alcohol:  13.0%
    Aging:     12 months in 75% French oak
    Region:   Viile Timisului, Transylvania, Romania