• Coravin 3 Needle Assortment Kit (16, 17, 18 gauge)

    Coravin 3 Needle Assortment Kit (16, 17, 18 gauge)

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    "The Coravin Needle Kit includes all three Coravin 1000 wine access needles and a needle clearing tool, to ensure you are prepared for any bottle or situation. All Coravin wine access needles are stainless steel and Teflon™ coated, providing durability and easy insertion over hundreds of pours."

    -The Standard Replacement Needle is identical to what comes standard with
    the Coravin System.

    -The Faster Pour Needle is thicker than our standard needle and is designed
    to provide a quick pour from bottles with corks that are in good condition.

    -The Vintage Cork Needle is thinner than our Standard needle and is
    designed for the older vintage bottles in your collection that may have a
    fragile cork.

    -The Needle Clearing Tool is specifically designed to use with any of the
    Coravin Wine Access Needles to clear of any cork particles, and to ensure a
    smooth flow of wine with each pour.