Meunier Magic featuring Skurnik Champagnes

Meunier Magic featuring Skurnik Champagnes

Consider yourself a champagne aficionado? There are three notable grapes found in champagne: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. The latter is traditionally viewed as a balancing or blending grape but more and more meunier dominant champagnes are popping up in the world. And, no one showcases Meunier dominant champagnes better than Importer/Distributor, Skurnik Wines & Spirits.

Meunier Magic will highlight three different champagne producers who masterfully work with Meunier in three-different parts of the Marne Valley: Champagne Moussé Fils in Cuisles, Champagne Dehours in Mareuil-le-Port, and Geoffroy in Aÿ.

Moderated by Kelly Mitchell, Sales Representative for Skurnik Wines and NYCW Bubbly Board member and led by Gabriel Clary, Vice President of Champagne for Skurnik Wines, and Abigail Oliveras, Brand Ambassador for Champagne for Skurnik Wines, Meunier Magic is bound to be a tasting adventure and a must not miss!

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