Shichida Junmai Sake 720ml

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Poured @ Masa (NYC) and Sushi Ginza Onodera (NYC) 

Importer: "Tenzan Brewery has been producing world-class sake since the 1800s, and the Shichida is no different. This calming Junmai graces your tongue with a smooth combination of honey and green apple. The mild acidity is rounded out by the sweetness to create medium-dry sake to die for. In fact, the Shichida won the gold medal in last year’s Joy of Sake event. Pair this gold medalist with any white fish to dine like a champion, and be sure to include your friends. Serve this one cold to amplify its flavor."

Bottle 720ml, screw cap
Class Junmai
Rice Local Yamadanishiki, Reihou
Rice Polishing
Alcohol 17.0%
Profile Rich and Dry
Serving Temperature Cold
Kyushu, Japan
Original Price $41.99
Current Price $33.97