Saint Cosme Cotes-du-Rhone 2020

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There's a reason that Mr. Parker's Wine Advocate refers to this Saint Cosme Cotes-du-Rhone as a "perennial bargain..from a vintage's lineup the is flat-out terrific": it's that good, and the price is nice and easy on the wallet. Pour your first glasses to enjoy with roquefort-stuffed mushrooms. It's a delicious combo. Barbecued baby backs with a side of bacon-heavy baked beans will go beautifully with the Cotes-du-Rhone as a meaty alternative. Or, pizza with onions, black olives and tomatoes. It goes without saying that a glass by itself is pretty darn tasty too.

Winery: "Syrah requires a warm climate to fully ripen but enough moderating effect to produce intense, aromatic wines that are not overwhelmed by sweetness and alcohol. This Syrah grows in ideal terroirs of the southern Rhône and shows the varietal’s typical spicy notes of sandalwood, violets, and black pepper.

Syrah, with its deep flavors and firm tannins, is a natural match for grilled or smoked meat and dishes featuring herbs, roasted mushrooms, and onions. Seared venison or beef with black pepper and thyme or a Moroccan tagine of pigeon or chicken are complimented by the spicy characteristic of Syrah."

Bottle 750ml, cork
Varietal 100% Syrah
Alcohol 14.5%
Total Acidity 2.5g/L
Residual Sugar 1.5g/L
pH 4.2
Region Côtes-du-Rhône, France
Original Price $29.99
Current Price $18.97