• Riedel Decanter - Cabernet #1440/13 - ENGRAVED

    Riedel Decanter - Cabernet #1440/13 - ENGRAVED


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    What would you like to say on your Riedel Cabernet decanter?

    How can this classic Riedel Cabernet decanter get any better? With a personalized engraving, of course. Commemorate a special date, put your name on it, or someone else's. A favorite saying could be great too. We have some suggestions:

    -You had me at Cabernet

    -Sip Happens

    -It's ok to wine

    -This wine is making me awesome

    -W.T.F. Wine Tastes Fantastic

    -Willing to share

    :  Inscription must be kept to 30 characters, spaces and punctuation included, to be engraved on 1 line as shown.

    Time Magazine: "The Riedel family has never stamped its name on a single bottle of wine. But over the past 50 years, this Austrian clan of master glassmakers has done more to enhance the oenophile's pleasure than almost any winemaking dynasty".

    Volume:  37 1/8 ounces
    Height:  9 1/8 inches
    Glass:  Lead crystal
    Riedel item #:   1440/13