• Camille Giroud Bourgogne Rouge 2016

    Camille Giroud Bourgogne Rouge 2016

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    Established in 1865, Domaine Camille Giroud is famous for holding a great cellar of legendary vintages, desired by sommeliers the world over. So desired that wine master Ann Colgin invested in the winery and the famous Burgundy broker Becky Wasserman joined as managing director. The wines are legendary.

    Winery: "Contrary to other varieties, that have adapted to other locations, Pinot Noir remains loyal to Burgundy, its region of origin. It provides an extraordinary variety of expressions as it is present within all of the Jurassic zones – marls from the Lias era in Maranges, marly-limestone soils in Pommard and Volnay, crinoidal limestone in Gevrey- Chambertin or limestone in Premeux. Thanks to their selection of the best vines, generations of growers have made Burgundy a unique vineyard by perfectly matching the grape variety, with the terroirs and climates.

    Regional Appellations are wines that can be made out of a blend of several locations, recognized within the appellation area. Wine merchant- maturer is a special profession, involving the careful selection of the best parcels for winemaking, according to the vintage. When it comes to our Bourgogne Rouge, we have selected parcels in Côte Chalonnaise, just next to Givry, in Côte de Beaune, near Volnay and in Côte de Nuits, close to Premeaux- Prissey."

    750ml, cork
    Varietal: 100% Pinot Noir
    Alcohol %:
    Aging: 12 months on fine lees in oak barrels, 3 months settling in stainless steel tank.
    Region: Burgundy, France