• Hennessy Master Blender's Selection No. 3 - 750ml

    Hennessy Master Blender's Selection No. 3 - 750ml

    Limited Edition

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    "Overall, it’s a damn fine spirit. It’s not the kind of Cognac that’ll cost you a paycheck. But it will certainly taste like it." ~ Forbes Magazine

    Hennessy says that its Master Blender's Selections are "unique Cognacs of limited supply, never to be duplicated". So, unlike the classic Hennessy Cognac, which should be the same today as it was100 years ago, the Master Blender's Selections are singular, new Cognac players with a finite supply. Selection No. 3 was crafted by eighth generation Hennessy Master Blender Renaud Fillioux de Gironde. We think you should try it.

    Forbes Magazine: "In the fall of 2016, in an unprecedented move to shake things up, Hennessy debuted the first limited-release Master Blender’s Selection—a single-batch series to be released annually. It’s a true limited edition in that each expression is blended only once and never again to be replicated—a practice that’s unheard of in the Cognac world. So when the allocation runs out, there’s no creating more. C’est fini.

    Selection No. 3 is something that’s at once multifaceted and approachable. It’s composed of 20 rare eaux-de-vie that are a minimum of seven years old and aged in young oak barrels prior to being finished in older casks.On the nose, it’s a tad fruit-forward with mild sweet notes. After the first sip, you’ll notice that the entirety of the experience is smooth—from the mouthfeel to the finish, which is unusual for something that’s not an XO. There’s not a burn. The spice is mild. And the flavors come in waves. Another thing to note that may explain the surprising characteristics of this Cognac: the eaux-de-vie used in Master Blender’s Selection No. 3 is not used in any other Hennessy Cognac.

    Overall, it’s a damn fine spirit. It’s not the kind of Cognac that’ll cost you a paycheck. But it will certainly taste like it." Sep 2018

    Distillery:  "Rich aromas recall its aging in young oak barrels. On the palate, expressions of praline with a slight character and rounded finish envelop the senses. French oak, spongecake, and hazelnut as well. It is bottled at 43% to highlight the precision of the blending. "

    Trade Notes: "Color: The blend displays a light amber color with a golden sheen. Nose: Certain aromatic tones can be perceived that are fresh and light, akin to those found in sweet pastries. In addition, there is a distinct flavor of toasted hazelnuts that highlights the blend’s unique character. Palate: On the palate, there is an unmistakable presence of aromas such as soft textured pastries with a hint of praline. The blend is best described as elegant and subtle – an experience of smoothness from start to finish."

    750ml, cork                                           
    Varietal Cognac
    Region Cognac, France