• Nachtmann by Riedel Vivendi Martini Glass - Set of 4

    Nachtmann by Riedel Vivendi Martini Glass - Set of 4

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    Designed and produced by the Riedel family, the Nachtmann Vivendi Martini glass, in a set of 4. Here are some of our favorite things we think you should put in them:

    Lychee Martini

    Peach, Ginger and Bourbon Frozen Cocktail

    Vodka Gimlet

    The Lychee Martini because they're beyond delicious, the PGBFC because you had us at peach, comma, ginger, and the Vodka Gimlet because nothing beats fresh lime juice on a hot day. What will you be toasting this summer?

    Nachtmann: "The Nachtmann Martini Glass is a modern design with an open bowl allowing enough space for rocks drinks and other cocktail embellishments. Also, good for a variety of Champagne drinks, Prosecco and tropical mixtures."

    Non-Lead Crystal                                                               
    Height: 6 6/7"
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