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    Riedel "O" Decanter #1414/13

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    This is the perfect addition to your table. It can pour for homemade pizza or a 4 course meal by candlelight. Your choice. Dress it up or down, but make a statement either way.

    Maximilian Riedel designed this distinctive decanter to complement the company's casual "O" wine tumblers. One noteworthy feature is its integral thumb hold in the base that assists one-handed pouring, a design attribute that increases aeration. The decanter's wide, elliptical mouth facilitates filling and promotes a smooth, drip-free pour. Perfect for entertaining or everyday use, the lead crystal serving vessel is masterfully handcrafted in Austria by Riedel, a family-owned company famous for fine glassware since 1756. Hand-washing is recommended.

    Volume: 34 1/2 ounces (holds contents of a 750ml bottle)
    Height: 8 7/8 inches
    Glass: Lead crystal
    Riedel item #: 1414/13