1975 + 1982 Barbi Brunello di Montalcino - 2 Pack

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Each 2-Pack Contains:

1 bottle Fattoria dei Barbi Brunello di Montalcino 1975

1 bottle Fattoria dei Barbi Brunello di Montalcino 1982


In the early seventies, Giovanni Colombini, grandfather of the present owner Stefano Cinelli-Colombini, was one of the few winegrowers producing Brunello di Montalcino.

At the time:

The seasons were more uniform than in recent years. All the vintage harvests took place in mid-October. The minimum ageing required by the DOC disciplinary was five years total (same as today), of which four years minimum in oak (decreased to 2 years in the 1995). The DOCG for the Brunello di Montalcino was established in the 1980, the first DOCG together with the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

The best grapes coming from the oldest vines were used. The grape selection was very strict in order to guarantee a wine that year after year had the personality and the characteristics of a great Tuscan red. The wine evolved slowly, reaching an unsurpassed level of elegance and complexity.

Tasting Notes:

Garnet red with orange hues, it presents an intriguing and complex nose, with tertiary notes of carob, dry hay, walnuts, orange peel and autumn leaves. On the palate it’s mineral, with balsamic notes and licorice. The tannins are silky and the after-taste long and persistent.

The 1975 is considered one of the best vintages of all time.

Varietal Blend: 100% Sangiovese grapes

Appellation: Brunello di Montalcino DOCG

Barrel Regime: Oak

Alcohol: 14.5%


This red wine is produced since 1982 and was awarded many times for its quality. This wine is the “heart” of our production and it is made with 100% Sangiovese grapes from our best vineyards in Montalcino.

Before the fermentation the grapes were subjected to a cold pre-fermentative maceration which consists in cooling the grapes at a temperature of 16° C in an environment protected by CO². This process increases the extraction of polyphenols and aroma compounds. The regular alcoholic fermentation followed and lasted 16/17 days at a controlled temperature of 27°- 28°C. After the racking and the malolactic fermentation the wine aged in small-medium size oak barrels (2,25 – 15 hl) for the first months. Later it completed the aging in larger oak barrels, for a total period of two years and then is bottled at least 4 months before the release.

The Eighties at Fattoria dei Barbi are characterized by the influence of Francesca Colombini, daughter of Giovanni and mother of Stefano (present owner of the winery). The wines produced under her direction have a feminine, soft touch, compared to the austere approach of the wines produced in the seventies.

As an only child, she was raised to be the heir to the winery in a time when it was not evident that women ran businesses.

During her tenure, the total production of Brunello di Montalcino increased, the winery obtained the DOCG status in 1980 and there was a surge of new investors from around the world.

At 88 years old, she plays an active role helping her son manage the winery.

The seasonal trends of the eighties were similar to the previous decade, but harvest was earlier due to climate change. The same strict rules of today were followed: low yields production, selection of the best grapes, use of Slavonian oak and big casks.

Tasting Notes

Notes of ripe plums, dates and figs, followed by hints of tobacco and balsamic essences. The palate is very well balanced, complex, with silky tannins and a long lingering aftertaste.

Sensory analysis:

Colour: Brilliant ruby red.

Bouquet: small berries, hues of liquorice and wild rose.

Taste: extremely elegant balance, warm and enveloping tannins refreshed by a lively acidity. Long and persistent finish.

Food combinations:

Perfect for important dishes, roasted or grilled red meats, game, venison, stewed wild boar. Excellent with mature cheeses. Serve at a temperature of 18° C.

Capacity of ageing:

40 years. Keep the bottle horizontally in a dark place at a temperature of 12°-14°C.

Varietal Blend: 100% Sangiovese grapes

Appellation: Brunello di Montalcino DOCG

Barrel Regime: oak

Alcohol: 14.5%


Fattoria dei Barbi has properties in Montalcino, Scansano and Chianti for a total of 451 hectares. The ownership belongs to the Colombini family and it is managed by Stefano Cinelli Colombini. The Colombini family is an old noble family from Siena and they have owned land and vineyard in Montalcino since 1352. Fattoria dei Barbi is the result of a further, progressive acquisition that started in 1790.

Fattoria dei Barbi is an historic producer of Brunello. A property of a family which has written the history of the territory. The more awarded wines in the territory of Brunello, since the 18th Century. The top of the technological innovation in Tuscany since two centuries. The first exporters of Brunello, 1817. The first Brunello awarded by the State, 1892. The first Tuscan cellar open to the visitors, 1954.

Original Price $1,300.00
Current Price $1,049.00

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