Ayres Lewis Rogers Lane Ribbon Ridge Pinot Noir 2018

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The aromatics of the Ayres Lewis Rogers Lane Ribbon Ridge Pinot Noir are intoxicatingly impressive. They will envelop you as you lean in for your first sip, and then it's all over. We may have been hooked before we even swallowed our first sip. The warm spices throughout are a perfect match for a Lebanese baked eggplant dish. The eggplant is stuffed with ground lamb, onions, pine nuts and cinnamon, paprika and cumin. It's like the wine was made for this dish... A more classic pairing is grilled salmon with a side of vauduvan-roasted veggies. Or, crisp-roasted chicken with a mushroom-onion gravy works beautifully too. As we are know to say; you can't beat the Pinots out of the Willamette Valley. This Ayres is a testament to that fact.

Winery: "If our vineyard could speak this bottle is what it would say. This crowd pleasing Pinot represents all of our estate's clones."

750ml, cork
Farming Certified Organic
Varietal 100% Pinot Noir
Aging 11 months in French oak, 2 new barrels, 2 one fill and the remainder neutral
Region Willamette Valley, Oregon
Original Price $47.00
Current Price $33.97