Born Gold Muroka Junmai Daiginjo Sake 720ml

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Gold Medal & Best USA Sake Competition 2014

Brewery: "Unfiltered pure rice Daiginjo unrefined sake blended with ice-aged liquor at -10 ° C for up to one year. Because it is unfiltered, it has a wonderful pale golden color, a transparent fragrance, and a refreshing and strong taste."

Importer: "This Muroka Junmai Daiginjo is stored unpasteurized in -10 degrees Celcius after brewing, and is pasteurized only once immediately before shipping. The absence of carbon filtration (aka, Muroka) leads to a large presence of flavor and a lively aroma.

Food Pairings: Dishes cooked with butter, cheese and olive oil. Also delicate Japanese dishes."

Bottle 720ml, screw cap
Class Junmai Daiginjo, Muroka
Rice Yamada Nishiki
Rice Polishing
Alcohol 15%
Sweet, light
Serving Temperature Cold
Chubu, Japan
Sold out
Original Price $37.99
Current Price $31.97