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Cleto Chiarli

Cleto Chiarli Brut de Noir Rose

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One of our clients asked us to find this Cleto Chiarli Rose Brut de Noir for him, so we had to try it... We loved it and have been carrying it ever since. It's a gorgeous pink color with gentle bubbles (the way the Italians do ever so well), a luxuriously creamy foam and notes of roses, strawberries and raspberries. Its lively persona pairs beautifully with many foods. Think cured meats from places like Italy, France and Spain, pasta, pizza, spicy tapas, bacon, fruit salads and desserts. A single glass of this Cleto Chiarli is the perfect, refreshing aperitif on its own. If you need something to nibble on, make it bacon-wrapped dates or ripe cubes of cantaloupe with a prosciutto surround. We have great ideas for entrees too, starting with pasta tossed with fresh ricotta, pancetta, and onions. For a lunch or brunch, we say serve up this delicious Rose Brut de Noir with tossed greens, your favorite chopped raw veggies, strawberry slices, scallions and a bright balsamic dressing. The fragrant fruit in this wine makes it ideal with some spice. Try it with a pepperoni pizza sprinkled with red pepper flakes. Essere ancora il mio cuore... For your final note, we say dessert. Refill your glasses and enjoy them with strawberry sundaes with a prosecco sabayon. Are you hooked yet??!

Trade Notes: "From the oldest producer in all of the Emilia-Romagna DOC (Chiarli was founded in 1860) this lovely effervescent rosé is made from Pinot Noir and the native Grasparossa variety –a sparkling rosé bearing a purity of red fruit ranging from bright red currants and strawberries to bright and brambly fruits of the forest. Chiarli’s Brut de Noir Rosé has a lovely creamy texture and bears remarkably fine and persistent bubbles for a sparkling wine that spends its Prise de Mousse in Cuve Close. Its charm and elegance is proof of quality fruit from old vines, long fermentations in cool cellars, and a diligent attention to each detail at every turn. I guess that is the result of more than 150 years of winegrowing and the pleasure makes for an affordable luxury.

Gently pressed from Grasparossa and Pinot Noir, this brilliant rose spends six months in cuve close to yield a delightful glass of sparkling rose. A gentle mousse bearing a gentle rose with the soft spoken charm of leesy strawberries, faint mint and cider apples opens onto a creamy textured bubbly that is perfectly balanced with the acidity of fresh fruit and a dry snap that I could drink all day long. One ought to spend many a weekend brunching over this wine -when throughout the mid morning meal you simply pop into more of the same sparkler until your lifestyle seems defined by leisure. An absolute delight of a dry, sparkling rose that pours over the palate and washes away the tarnish of the world, Chiarli makes effervescent wine both interesting and playful."~Nicholas Livingston; March, 2014 (Leaf)

Winery: "Lively froth, red currant colour, fine and abundant perlage. Intense and fruity scent, neat taste with feelings of wild berries. Excellent as an aperitif, and ideal for elegant dinners; it also goes very well with desserts, strawberry and fruit salads."

Bottle: 750ml, cork
Varietal: 85% Grasparossa (Lambrusco), 15% Pinot Nero
Alcohol: 12.0%
Region: Romagna, Central Italy, Italy

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