Dolce Napa Valley Late Harvest White 2014 375ml


Dolce Napa Valley Late Harvest White 2014 375ml

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Cue another unforgettable Dolce Late Harvest White dessert wine. Forget dinner; we could just sit and sip this liquid gold all by itself. This Dolce has gorgeous fruit, butterscotch, floral notes and more, all beautifully balanced by perfect acidity. Our mouths are watering already for this top notch late harvest treasure which Wine Enthusiast lovingly calls "one of the greatest sweet California wines in memory". It pairs amazingly well with blue, goat and salty cheeses, nuts and nut desserts, fruit desserts, foie gras (much like its friend Sauternes) and custard dishes. Our first choice is pignoli (pine nut) torta with marsala-poached autumn fruit. The two are about as close to perfection as you can get. A real live warm lemon zabaglione is to-die-for delicious too. A simple choice which still showcases the many complex and delicious layers of "one of California's greatest white dessert wines" is vanilla-poached, then broiled pineapple. If savory is your preference, then make it a mature, room temperature French Roquefort cheese. The fantastic sweetness and stupendous fruit of the wine opposite the minerally salt of the cheese...

Winery: "The Dolce offers lifted and youthful aromas of orange zest, vanilla bean and butterscotch with subtle notes of minerality and oak-derived spices. The entry is juicy, and Dolce's signature texture is lively and enduring on the palate leading to a mouthwatering finish. Flavors of orange, pear and dried apricot mingle together with rich caramel notes and hints of minerals that make this vintage a delicious expression of the season's exceptional ripeness.

When it comes to late harvest wines in America, Dolce stands at the pinnacle. Dolce embraces a deceptively simple philosophy: the pursuit of perfection in the art of late harvest winemaking. Created in 1985 by the partners of Far Niente, its existence is the result of overcoming remarkable adversity and developing expertise where no one else in the U.S. had it. Dolce stands as the industry standard, where Mother Nature and craftsmanship combine to define luxury through a wine capable of flirting with your emotions like no other.

With a classic blend of late harvest Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, Dolce is the only American winery dedicated to producing a single late harvest wine. Dolce has brought forth a wine in every vintage, yet in small, unpredictable quantities; witness to the incredible difficulties presented every year in the effort to make Dolce. Dolce is an extraordinary wine bred from a combination of sunshine, soil, fog, expertise and dedication; a wondrous luxury, limited by nature to always being a gift of absurd rarity."

Bottle 375ml; cork
Varietal 89% Semillon and 11% Sauvignon Blanc
Alcohol 13.5%
Aging 32 months in 100% new French oak
Region Napa Valley, California

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