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Kamotsuru Shuzo

Kamotsuru Tokusei Gold Daiginjo Sake 720ml

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Brewery: "The brand name “Kamotsuru” was given in 1873, by Wahei Kimura, one of the three patrons of sake brewed in Saijo. The brewer was incorporated in 1918. The quality of Kamotsuru sake is highly praised, having won the Gold Medal at the Annual Japan Sake Awards for 18 consecutive years, from 1970.

As a recent high profile event, the U.S. President Barack Obama enjoyed Kamotsuru sake at a meal with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in April 2014. Japan’s leading sake brewer’s Kamotsuru ginjo-shu products are enjoyed by many sake lovers and in various settings across the world."

Importer: " Introduced in Showa era year 33, this sake was the first Daiginjo ever made available for public purchase, and is Kamotsuru's Signature Brand. Gold Leaf Sakura Blossoms dance to-and-fro in the bottle.

Food Pairings: Sashimi Sushi."

Bottle 720ml
Rice Polishing
Alcohol 16.4%
Semi-dry, fragrant, rich
Serving Temperature Cold
Chugoku, Japan

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