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Taka Noble Arrow Tokubetsu Junmai Sake 720ml

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Antonio Galloni's, Vinous: "There is so much to like about the Taka’s Noble Arrow. A sake of precision, the Nobel Arrow graces the palate with a striking array of green pear, Mirabelle, spring water and chalky nuances that play beautifully against the live diamond turbot and crab courses." Oct 2017

Importer: "This producer has a uniquely vinous perspective that guides his sake making and resonates with wine drinkers curious about sake. He spent several years in Burgundy and Alsace apprenticing at some of the best properties in the regions, returning to his family brewery determined to make sake through the lens of a winemaker. One of the few estate producers in Japan, his brewery is surrounded by his own Yamadanishiki rice fields (known as the “king” of sake rice). His brewing water arrives into his well after cascading over 9km of naturally formed limestone plates, giving an intense limestone quality on both the aroma and palate.

Well-defined while precise, with aromas of green melon and limestone with a creamy luxurious mid-palate. Mineral-driven with structured acidity and roundness - a timeless style that old-world wine drinkers will easily gravitate towards.

Food Pairing: Vietnamese food, with the pronounced use of herbs and fish sauce, is a phenomenal pairing for Taka."

Bottle 720ml, screw cap
Class Tokubetsu Junmai
Rice Yamada Nishiki & Hattan Nishiki
Rice Polishing
Alcohol 15.5%
Profile Light and dry
Serving Temperature Cold
Yamaguchi, Japan

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