• Absolut Elyx Vodka 750ml

    Absolut Elyx Vodka 750ml

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    Elyx is a highly refined vodka that is distilled in a vintage copper still made in 1921, affectionately called Column 51, and is made from winter wheat harvested from the Råbelöf Estate near Ahus, Sweden, giving it a particular flavor profile (a concept very similar to terroir for wine). The estate dates back to 1408, and provides all of the wheat used in Absolut Elyx, making it a single-estate vodka. The scale of the production of Elyx is significantly less than Absolut, and it retains a hand crafted ethos from the special estate wheat, to the local water filtered through a limestone bedrock, to the bottle itself.

    Wine Enthusiast: "This vodka is simply clean, from the mildly sweet aroma to the crisp finish. The palate holds pleasant notes of marshmallow, grapefruit peel and chalk give way to a faint vanilla-citrus exit. Made from single-estate grain distilled in a 1921 copper column still, this is an ideal companion for pretty much anything served in a martini glass." Feb 2015

    : "There are no computers here, only human intuition. So every handle, knob and lever must be adjusted by hand to produce a flawless batch of Elyx the first time, every time. Handcrafting gives it real quality and character for a consistently luscious liquid silk mouthfeel."