• Queens Courage Old Tom Gin 750ml

    Queens Courage Old Tom Gin 750ml

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    Queens Courage is an "Old Tom" style gin, a type that was popular during the 1800s. Expect a greater emphasis on floral and citrus flavors, rather than piney punch of juniper that defines a London Dry gin. Really smooth and refined enough that you can drink it neat.

    Distillery: "When we were formulating Queens Courage, we decided that we wanted to look back at the history of gin. A very early precursor to gin is Dutch genever, which essentially was a malt wine. They'd re-distill it with juniper and other botanicals. So that was the original style of gin. In 1830, Aeneas Coffey invented a still that made vodka and neutral spirits possible on an industrial scale. After that, there was a transition to a London dry style of gin.

    We wanted to go back and look before that period and see what the style of gin was. So we actually made our own malt wine and started blending that into our gin. It opened up the flavor of the gin. Instead of having this boring base, you had this slightly sweet maltiness that gives it a really beautiful, round mouthfeel. It also makes it much more mixable than a dry gin, which, to me, is good with citrus and acid. With the maltiness, you don't have to add so much acid to play off the dryness. You can use it in place of a bourbon or a rum. So that got us really excited, and it took us about a year and a half to formulate.

    Our master distiller, Jordan, is absolutely a genius in terms of distilling. When he fiddles with flavors, he calls it painting -- he really treats it like an art. We had this vision for doing this malty Old Tom gin that hasn't existed for decades.

    Queens Courage is sweetened only with New York organic honey. We buy the honey from an apiary up in the Rochester area, but a portion of it actually comes from rooftops here in Queens. The other thing that makes Queens Courage unique is that malt component, which gives it that little bit of sweetness and round flavor profile."