• Collalbrigo Brut Prosecco

    Collalbrigo Brut Prosecco

    Cipriani's Pour

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    WSJ wrote a little ditty about bubbles and pub grub, "Pairings That Pop". Basically, bubbles, specifically Champagne, has traditionally been paired with tony foods like caviar and foie gras, but the trend is to match it with more everyday, lowly foods. Champagne schmampagne. We love it for many things, but are just as happy opening the far more gently priced Italian version to go with our fabulous buttermilk fried chicken. Bring on the Prosecco winelovers!! This Collabrigo is not just any Prosecco, either; it is the original Prosecco that Harry's Bar in Venice used to invent the Bellini! It's now Cipriani's house pour. You can make it your house pour too! It will be delicious with any fried food. Will you have zucchini blossoms in your garden this summer? Stuff them with minced chives, fresh ground white pepper, sea salt and creamy chèvre and you might swoon at the combination. Gently browned bite-sized crab cakes. Potatoes sautéed in duck fat, sprinkled with sea salt. One of our new favorites: conch fritters. Oh, we could go on and on... Don't forget: it's not just for the savory foods. Open another bottle and fill everyone's glasses for dessert too. Peach tart. Apple or blueberry fritters. Che cosa siete affamati di?

    WSJ Magazine: "...chefs and bartenders on both sides of the pond are discovering how perfectly bubbly mates with pub grub. 'The acidity and effervescence cut through heaviness so well,' says Sandia Chang of London's Bubbledogs." September, 2014 

    Winery: "The estate of Collalbrigo is located on the first hill oustide of Conegliano. The beautiful sloping landscape has been treasured by noble Venetian families for centuries has shown to create the perfect environment for a winery. Accomplished winemaker Francesco Cosulich's esteemed range including one of the best prosecco in the area."

    Bottle: 750ml, cork
    Varietal: Prosecco
    Alcohol: 11.0%
    Region: Conegliano, Italy