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5 Steps for Choosing an Unforgettable Wine Gift

5 Steps for Choosing an Unforgettable Wine Gift

When in doubt, wine gift it out. This holiday season, our in-house Somm Team has put together an epic Holiday e-Shop that promises to hold something for every recipient on your list, no matter the palate preference or price point. However, combing through pages of bottles without any context can be a daunting feat – worry not, we’ve got a few tricks to share to make the process as seamless as possible. Simply reference our five simple steps below and be on your way to gifting the perfect holiday bottle(s) in no time! 


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Choose Reputable Producers

As much as we love diving into the unknown, looking to producers that we know and love always feels like a warm comfort blanket. When gifting wines to friends and loved ones, we recommend sticking with producers you know and love, as your recipients will likely also enjoy them, too (plus, the fact that the gift speaks to your palate also makes it that much more personal). While we totally condone exploration and palate expansion, saving the discovery for non-gifting circumstances will likely be a way less stressful situation. 


Give the Gift That Keeps on Giving… 

Wine truly is the gift that keeps on giving – especially if the time of the gift is quite literally elongated. When searching for a gift that promises to deliver cheer down the line, look for a bottle that will age well in the cellar. Not only will your recipient be thrilled upon opening the gift, they’ll also have an additional moment of cheer upon opening it down the line. For a wine gift that keeps on giving with a shorter wait time, consider gifting a wine club membership to the vino lover in your life—think of it like multiple gifts per year wrapped all in one!


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Reference Vintage Charts

For our in-house Somm Team, the general rule of thumb is that vintage charts matter more in the long term than the short term—that’s to say, should you be shopping for wines to pop open and drink on the fly, vintage charts aren’t necessarily make or break. However, for those looking to gift bottles to lay down in the cellar, consider referencing a vintage chart to see which bottles are destined to age better over time. 


Food Friendliness Factor

While food friendliness isn’t always a criteria for rendering a wine delicious, it certainly amplifies a bottle’s convivial factor. Here at Wired for Wine, we believe that wine is best enjoyed when shared with loved ones, especially around a table laden with food and laughter. When choosing a wine gift for the recipient on your list, consider the wine’s ability to pair well on the table. That way, when your recipient chooses to pop it, they’ll likely do so with a group of close friends or family (which will ultimately deliver just as much joy as the moment they opened your gift!)


Somm Team Approved!

At the end of the day, shopping with a retailer you trust will generally always lead to a satisfactory gifting experience. Our holiday e-Shop was crafted by the expert members of our in-house Somm Team, who have used their combined decades of experience to craft a versatile, world-class selection for a variety of preferences and price points. Rest assured, when gifting with Wired for Wine, we’ll always lead you to the bottle(s) that best suit your needs!


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