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Free ground shipping on orders over $150.
Free ground shipping on orders over $150.
The Best Way To Buy Wine Online

The Best Way To Buy Wine Online

As wine lovers, we know that there's a wine for every occasion; white wine spritzers for hot summer days, a full-bodied red wine to enjoy snuggled by the fire in winter, romantic drops to share with that special someone, or, on the flip side, wines that pair well with a breakup and heartache.

But whatever your situation calls for, there's nothing worse than not having the right wine on hand, or in the fridge. Which is why buying wine online through our store is a great way to make sure you're always prepared for any occasion.

And at Wired for Wine, online wine shopping has never been easier.

We're your one-stop shop for amazing deals on your favorite wines, beer, and liquor. Simply browse and buy the perfect bottle or wine gift from our online wine store, and to make life even easier, you can have your wine shipments delivered right to your door.

What's the right wine for you?

If you're a newbie wine connoisseur, it's worth noting that there's a few simple rules to follow.

Rule #1: Don’t panic

We believe that there should be no more stress in choosing a wine than there is in choosing what to have for lunch. Otherwise, what's the point? Keep it simple and learn what kinds of grapes and wines you like, consider what food you'll be pairing it with, set your budget, make a shortlist of options, then go for it!

Rule #2: Get to know your favourites by variety and region

Most people choose wine by going with a brand they're familiar with, and therefore less risk. Which is fine if you only ever want a ham and cheese sandwich, but get adventurous! Part of the fun is exploring wine produced from different grapes from all over the world.

Learn which varieties you like; for example cabernet sauvignon, and learn which regions are best at producing those varieties, then you've got a pretty good chance of getting your choice right. The point is to discover your likes - find your grape if you will.

Rule #3: Think about food

Next, think about what food you'll be having with your wine. The old, go-to rule is white wine goes with fish, and red wine is the perfect complement to steak. Or you can go into more detail. Sure, you could spend hours learning about tannins and acid, or you can just remember these few simple things:

  • Generally, Italian and Spanish wine varieties are designed to go with food. Why? Wine plays a big part in their culture. So for meat dishes (red and white meats) and pasta, red wine varieties generally go nicely.
  • White wine grape varieties go well with chicken, and especially with gamey meats like duck and rabbit.
  • Cabernet sauvignon goes well with lamb and beef. Why? Tannins. But the important thing to remember is that it generally works, so who cares!
  • Modern cool-climate chardonnay is the go-to with fish and is generally a great wine for lighter food dishes.
  • Riesling and champagne are perfect with most Asian cuisine, and other white varietals pair beautifully with seafood such as oysters and prawns.

Then next time you go out for dinner with family or friends, you'll be able to unleash your wine awesomeness.

If you’re not having the wine with food, then all you’ve got to think about is what you like, what you’re in the mood for, and what your budget is. That's it!

Rule #4: Decide on your budget

There's no hard and fast rule here. You’re either looking for a $15 bottle of wine or one for $30, or you’re happy to go up to $80 in a restaurant and maybe even a few bottles. But remember, before you make a final decision, filter the choices using rules #2 and #3.

Rule #5: You’re not wrong

No matter what anyone tells you, nothing matters beyond whether you like a particular wine or not. Simple!

So don’t sit there wondering whether you’re supposed to like a wine, or whether you're supposed to be tasting berry or woody undertones. If it tastes good, have another sip! It's always a good idea to buy a few bottles of the ones you like too.

The perfect red wine, based on your personality

The heavy hitter

You're the alpha in your group. The boss. The big cheese. If you're loud and proud then you need an equally strong wine to match your presence. Enter cabernet sauvignon the boss of grapes. Because a big, ballsy personality needs a big, ballsy wine to match.

The classy romantic

Turn the lights down low, because you're all about romance. With depth and soul, kindness is at your very core. Being a mediator and trusted friend, the wine for you is pinot noir, a tricky grape that takes confidence and skill to grow into a complex drop.

The tourist

Fancy tangoing in Buenos Aires? Life isn't a dress rehearsal, so go and explore! Exotic wine varieties from all over the world are your thing. Perhaps you could be best suited to a slow-ripened malbec, or maybe you're more the French rose type?

The wellbeing warrior

Yoga at dawn, meditation at midday? If you're all about plant-based diets and herbal remedies, natural wines are the best fit for you. Because you want the grapes in your wine to be farmed and harvested organically, with minimal intervention from winemakers.

The chameleon

You, my friend, like to mix things up. No two days are ever the same. One day you’re bungee jumping; the next you’re playing scrabble with your niece. You’re never afraid to try something new, but you're just as happy with an old faithful like a shiraz, too.

Your white wine personality (because reds aren't everything)

The Reliable One

Your friends know you're like a tried and true white wine that will never fail them. As one of the world’s most popular and widely grown grapes, you're like a chardonnay - that good old reliable friend that never lets you down. 

What you see is what you get

Cool, calm and collected, you're as refreshing as an icy cold drink on a hot day. Any sticky situation or spicy problem can be solved with you around and you're ready for it. Like a good riesling, you can be sweet or dry and everything in between.

The surprise

People think you're straightforward, but it's not until they get to know you that they'll discover your curiosity and be blown away by your intelligence. You're smart, and you can't resist a deep and meaningful conversation. The world needs more you, sauvignon blanc!

The life of the party

Light and refreshing, people just love spending time in your company, and it's not surprising given how charming you are. It's amazing that anything ever gets done with you around, and the party can be heard all the way down the street. Pinot Grigio is your first choice, but you're spontaneous, so anything can happen.

The sweety-pie

You’re sweet like Moscato, and everyone knows it. You're sociable, caring and always ready to deliver a lighter view of life to your friends. They say butter wouldn't melt in your mouth, but don't underestimate the fun that starts when you're invited.

Find the perfect romantic drop that speaks to your heart

Does your love language scream big and ballsy? Or are you more of a delicate, bubbles type? No matter how romance appears in your life, there's a wine to suit. 


This one's a no-brainer because nothing says romance more than bubbles! So pop that cork, pour that drop, and let the bubbles do their thing. Sure, you could go with champagne or prosecco, but to really ramp up the romance, go for Dom Perignon.

White wines

One day you might like a chardonnay, the next day, it's riesling, and the day after that, it's sauvignon blanc. But like any good romance, finding your perfect wine match is about blending the different personalities and characteristics.  

Cabernet sauvignon

Love isn’t always sparkles and unicorns; it can also be big, bold, and lusty, and for this kind of romance, cabernet sauvignon is the perfect choice. But this wine can't be rushed. It's all about slowing down the pace, perfect for a cosy night in by the fire with a cheese platter.

Here's the top 3 benefits of online wine purchases

Save time

No more running to the grocery store and having to buy whatever inferior wine varietals they have in stock and at whatever price. Order wine online with shipping included and always have your favorite wines on hand for any occasion.


When you buy wine online, you'll have great wines delivered right to your doorstep. And if you need your wines in a gift box for someone special, we can arrange that too.

100% satisfaction guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll happily accept a full refund within 30 days of delivery. Just make sure the bottles of wine are sent back in the same condition you received them.

So, you're wine curious?

Wired For Wine are your online wine merchants

So you're looking to buy wine online? That's why you're here. But you don't want just any wine bottles; you want the best wines, the top-rated wines, and you want to know what the popular brands are. Just like when you browse online for a new partner, you want to see what you're going to get and read their ratings.

We get it. So we'll find the best price for your bottles of wine, and make your shopping experience with us a breeze.

Should I buy wine online?

Well, of course, you know we're going to say yes. But let's stop for a moment and think about it seriously. Buying from your local wine shop gives you access to one, maybe two people's opinions. Shopping with Wired For Wine will give you access to our expertise and suggestions, and sure you could search it yourself online, but who has the time?

Using online wine merchants makes just as much sense as any other online shopping - it's fast, it's easy and you can be confident you're getting a great deal (unlike the future partner shopping!)

What's the best way to order wine online?

When you're new to it, choosing the perfect wine can be a challenge, but we've got it all laid out for you on our site. If you want your wine quickly what you choose might vary depending on what's available.

When you find the wine you like on our website, check its availability, and that way, you know for sure that the bottle is in stock, which means it'll ship out to you straight away and be delivered fast.

We don't want to boast but...

All the wines on our site are rated 90+ by wine critics. We know that's not the only criteria that's important, but when you buy wine online, it's really handy to have experts on your side.

You can be confident that there really isn't a bad choice on our website, and you're unlikely to find many of them in the grocery stores.

The best places in the world for wine

We spend a lot of time researching which region of the world makes the best wines, and you'll notice the wines we feature on our site are varied.

We've got wines from Bordeaux in France all the way over to the Barossa Valley in South Australia and, of course, a fine selection from California. We do the hard work to get you the best price, so your job is just to enjoy the best wines.

Get with the program

A simple way to get the best prices and always have wine on hand for that last-minute invite to a party is to join our wine club. You'll receive 12 wines every three months, and the only choice you have to make is red, white or mixed!

Use our expertise and membership program to get the most popular wines at the lowest price, with free delivery and simplicity. We always discount below suggested retail prices for the wines we choose, and we'll never send you bulk wines.

We think we're quite simply one of the best places to buy your wine online.

The best bit

We curate the wines we ship to you based on the seasons, so you can pair them perfectly with your meals. We're not only about wines; we're basically a bunch of foodies who sell a few acclaimed wines we spend time curating and with great discounts, so you get the best price.

Along with your wine case, you'll receive tasting notes on the wine you've bought, detailed food pairing ideas, and the suggested temperature for serving the wine.

How do I get started buying wines online?

Our online wine shop is uber-simple, features something for everyone and you'll pay the best price for all our wines. And best of all, you'll get free shipping on your order if you buy six bottles or more, or spend $175.

How do I get free shipping on home delivery?

Buy more wine! If you're not ready to commit to a full case, you're still going to get free ground shipping to continental U.S. when you buy six bottles or spend $175, so it makes perfect sense to shop for more.

It's such a simple and easy way to shop, and you don't have to carry those heavy wine bottles when you shop with us. Just checkout and you're done.

We also have reasonable shipping fees for orders below 6 bottles and when you're on the checkout page of your account, the shipping will be calculated so you know the total price you'll be paying for your grapes.

Can I send wines from your store as a gift?

Of course! We don't mind where you're going to be shipping it. There just has to be an adult aged 21 years or over to sign for it; same as you must be 21 years of age or older to purchase wine from us. All packages sent by Wired for Wine require a signature upon delivery.

When you checkout let us know where you want it sent, and as long as it's continental U.S. we'll arrange the shipping.

Can I get a refund on the wines?

Sure thing. If you're not 100% satisfied with your wines and it's within 30 days of purchase, we'll be happy to accept the wines back for a full refund with no shipping charges to you. To be eligible, the wines must be unused and in the same condition you received them or with only one re-corked bottle with the rest of the contents inside (we can't take back any empty bottles).

So you really can't go wrong...

Unlike that date you're trying to forget that makes you wince every time you think of them, we promise to be reliable and partner with you to make life better. We've been wired for wine since 2009, and we want you to come and join in the fun!

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